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Board of 2012-2013



Year 2012-2013 Board members (14 in total):
(The board appointed Mr. Zhan (Ray) Su as our Executive Team President for year 2012-2013)

      Mr. PENG, Cheng 彭程
Vice Chairpersons:
      Mr. SU, Zhan (Ray) 苏战 (EC Team President)
      Mr. ZHOU, Xinjian 周新建
      Ms. LEE, Sarah 李萱
      Mr. WU, Wen 武文
      Mr. ZHANG, Jianhui 张建辉
Chief Financial Officer:
      Mr. HUANG, Christopher 黄鑫
Finance Controller:
      Mr. LU, Xiaozhou 吕小洲
      Ms. JIN, Ying 金璎
Other Board Members
      Ms. SHI, Xudong(Betty) 施旭东
      Ms. FENG, Jennifer 冯君
      Mr. QU, Ning 曲宁
      Ms. XU, Elizabeth 徐玲
      Mr. LANG, Jun 郎军

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