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  • Job opportunity at eCommerce company[2011-05-01]
    A Silicon Valley based, pre-IPO company, in the business of next generation eCommerce platform, has various career opportunities, including entry level to senior positions, in the following areas. ● Account ...
  • Job opportunity at Stealth Mode Solar company[2011-05-01]
    Job Posting: Thin-film solar cell process engineer - Silicon Valley Based We are a fast growing Stealth Mode Solar company funded by leading venture capitalists and is located in Sunnyvale, California. Summary: We are looking for the techn ...
  • Solar Thin-film deposition Engineer/Scientist based in China (Global pay)[2011-05-01]
    Job: Solar Thin-film deposition Engineer/Scientist - mainly based in China, global pay We are looking for a highly motivated thin-film deposition engineer to join our team. -MS or above degree in chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, meta ...
  • Multiple job openings at a Bay Area profitable start-up company[2011-05-01]
    multiple job openings in a bay area profitable start-up company: C++, Embeded, RTOS/VxWorks Software Manager: 1 openings C++, Embeded, RTOS/VxWorks Software Engineers: 4 openings C++, Embeded, RTOS/VxWorks Software full time/part time Consultant: 3 ...
  • 加盟先进院,共同建设国际一流工业研究院[2011-04-11]
    加盟先进院,共同建设国际一流工业研究院 ——梦想成就未来,应用创造价值 中国科学院深圳先进技术研究院樊建平院长率团赴美招聘会 一、招聘领域 (一)生物医学工 ...
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