Migration of PKUAANC's Distribution List



Dear Alumni and Friends,

In the second week of July, we plan to migration PKUAANC's email distribution list from Yahoo! Groups to Google Groups.

The reason for the migration is purely technical. Google Groups offers more flexible features for managing our list and a simpler procedure for new members to join, without sacrificing email distribution capabilities or privacy protections.

There is no action required for our members. We will take care of the migration. You may, however, receive an email from pkuaanc@googlegroups.cominforming you of your new membership. You can ignore the message. After the migration, you will start receiving our future newsletters There should be no change in the newsletters except for links for you to manage your membership. The email sender will still be

We remain fully committed to your privacy protection and our anti-spamming policy. You will have full control over your membership management. You can opt out of the distribution list at any time using the links we provide in the newsletters.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email

PKUAANC Communications Team

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